Our family of four left Australia in 2000 to live in Ottawa, Ontario; soon after arriving we became a family of five. People still ask us, “Why did you leave Australia?”

Much of my time is spent involved in the education of my three children and the care of our whole family.  When I do have a few spare minutes I like to get a bit creative, you can see what I have been doing here.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. jen

    You left because God had bigger and better plans for you in Ottawa, He knew that a few special people would go hungry and get lonely without you.

  2. Xandro

    Hey mate, pity you’re over there and we are over here…. enjoying the rain and the floods. Land of extremes you left behind. But I tell you, the spirit of Australia, the sausage sangers, the VB, and the footy… and the flies even in winter… we are gonna have a bumper snow season… You know, love your lamington recipe. You have inspired me to get my kids cooking. Anyway, which team did you (or still) follow? Hope your transition to the COLD has been a good one. Enjoy.


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