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The Bleak Midwinter

Ice branch Heather Telford

Ottawa, and much of Canada, is in for very cold temperatures and arctic winds this week. Often when it is coldest it is also prettiest. When I went outside to take these photos I could here the ice on the trees cracking and creaking in the wind.

Ice berries Heather Telford



Frozen bubbles

snow bubbles Heather Telford

It is bitterly cold here again so I tried a trick I had seen and heard about, freezing bubbles. I made bubble mix then braved the -20°C temperature for a few minutes at a time to blow bubbles in our snow and ice covered back yard.

snow bubble Heather Telford

Most bubbles shatter while they are in the air or as soon as they hit a surface. Some float in the air long enough to freeze before they land on the snow. 

broken bubble Heather Telford