Childhood reading

As I recall them, I am adding titles I read and enjoyed back in the 70’s…

All the ‘Anne Books‘ by L.M. Montogmery
Little Women, Little Men, Good Wives & Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott


2 thoughts on “Childhood reading

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Heather,
    I finally had a few quiet moments and was catching up on email and reading your website. You’ve done a very good job with it. Looks and reads well! Gives me ideas for the future… We just got a digital camera at Christmas so my world of photos and other possibilities is opening up. We – the boys and I – love musicals too, but I hadn’t heard of the ‘Seussical’ so I am going to get it. I’d say our favorites so far would be Joseph and the Tecnicolor Dreamcoat and also Cats (we always have lots of rowdy cats leaping and singing in our house after that one).
    bye for now,

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