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Girls’ Getaway

I just returned from two delightful days in a cabin by a lake in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. It was a girls’ getaway with three wonderful friends of mine. Three of us drove from Ottawa to meet the fourth who had rented what we thought was a rustic hunting cabin by a lake.

Hunting cabin Heather Telford

Not so rustic after all.

Inside the cabin Heather Telford

The cabin was perfect for the four of us and was filled with all sorts of cottage charm. The dock caught the sun most of the day and our view was beautiful.

View from the dock Heather Telford

We swam, talked, ate and relaxed. A loon and a heron dropped by and I waited with camera in hand for it to take flight. It was far more patient than I.

Waiting for the heron Heather Telford

Late afternoon on our second day the clouds rolled in and it poured. We began to think we might be forced to stay an extra night. That would not have been hard to take. The storm turned out to be a teaser for what was to come later in the evening; soon the lake was calm again and we were overwhelmed by the double rainbow right in front of us.

DSC_8274 After the rain Heather Telford


Between Andrew and B14 we have soccer games or practices seven times a week. We are also enjoying some Women’s World cup games in Ottawa. Last week A & A watched France beat Mexico then Korea win against Spain. The week before we joined B’s soccer team to watch Germany tie with Norway then Thailand beat Côte d’Ivoire.

B14’s team has played a couple of tournaments already this season including one this weekend.

cumberland tournamentsc



Snowed under

Snow, thaw, pour, slush, freeze is the current weather sequence round here.

We have had a couple of big snowfalls in the last few weeks that I have attempted to photograph with my new camera. I am slowly getting to know what some of the buttons and settings do.

Of course the real purpose of a good snowfall is to provide somewhere to play and something to play with..

B10 and J10 across the road, with some help from J’s dad buried themselves up to their shoulders in snow. It reminded me of burying people in sand at the beach.

Onto the next event

Last time I posted here I was telling you about Laura’s successful week at the Kiwanis Music Festival.  The following week was busy for Alexandra as she first performed Fantasia on Greensleeves by Vaughan Williams and Csardas by Monti for her Concert Group class, then later in the week  the first movement of a Dvorak Sonatina.  Both performances went very well and we could the results of her hard work leading up to the Festival.  She also competed in a sight reading class and with Stellae Boreales in an ensembles class.   The weeks of the Kiwanis Festival are always busy but we  enjoy the chance to hear some amazing musicians play.

After the festival ended  practice energy was directed towards preparing for Stellae Boreales’ next concert which happened last night.  It was a very successful concert, the group’s  first sellout ever, but very different from any concert they have done before.  Bows for Butterflies was a benefit concert and auction in support of youth treatment programs at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (ROMHC).  The concert was held in the Ballroom of the Brookstreet Hotel, a very classy Ottawa Hotel and attended by many prominent people in our community, including Daniel Alfredson, captain of Ottawa’s Hockey Team.   The performances, which included a solo from Laura, went very well and the response to the music and the cause was very enthusiastic.  At least $15,000 dollars was raised through ticket sales, auction and donations.

One more concert remains for the group  this season and then another solo recital for the girls in June.

Draw Near

Draw Near

I’m sure you’ve heard the Christmas story,
They tell it every year,
How Jesus Christ came down to earth,
To banish all men’s fear.

As shepherds watched their flocks by night,
Angels announced Christ’s birth,
“Glory to God on High,” they sang,
“To all men, peace on earth.”

The shepherds knelt before the baby,
Their bright eyes wide with awe,
Then ran excited through the streets,
Sharing news with all they saw.

I’m sure you’ve heard the Christmas story,
They tell it every year,
But often it gets swallowed up,
In gifts and festive cheer.

So take a minute; stop and ponder,
On God’s great gift of love,
He sent his only Son to earth;
From heaven, up above.

Yes, Jesus gave his life for you,
He paid for all your sin,
If you will give your heart to him,
A new life can begin.

I’m sure you’ve heard the Christmas story,
They tell it every year,
But listen now for Jesus’ voice:
“My precious child, draw near.”


We wish you all a very happy Christmas and pray that you will know God’s presence and blessing today and always.

Walking through History

Yes, it is another history post; we do cover other subjects, but history gets the most field trips.   As we approached the turn of the century in our Canadian History studies we spent a week on the Klondike gold rush.  It was my turn to prepare the lesson and the more I read the more I realised that I just had to invent a game.  When I taught grade five in Melbourne we studied the Ballarat gold rush and spent a couple of days at Sovereign Hill.  Part of our unit was a gold rush game which I remember was very popular with the class.  I found the book Gold! The Klondike Adventure by Delia Ray full of insight into the discovery of the strike and the arduous journey many took to join the gold crazy miners.  Consequently the majority of my game related to the journey, not the gold mining.  All the consequences written into the game were taken from actual events documented in the books I read.

During the gold rush Wilfred Laurier was Prime Minister, so we visited the house he lived in at that time. Laurier House is furnished primarily with the furniture of William Mackenzie King, who lived there after the Lauriers and was prime minister in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.  There are some pieces owned by the Lauriers including the player piano owned by Mrs Laurier, which she used to teach her piano students.  All four families who attended the field trip found it fascinating and I think our guide enjoyed the children’s enthusiasm.

A couple of weeks ago we attended two workshops at the National War Museum, covering WW1 and WW2.  Generally when we visit museums we are reviewing material covered recently, but at the time the World Wars were still ahead of us so the workshops served as an introduction.  As in the past the workshops give the students the opportunity to handle and investigate authentic artifacts from the time period.  Artwork, posters, uniforms, military equipment, copies of letters and other objects were available for the students to read, touch and discuss.  Although the workshop was aimed at much older students B8 coped very well and was engaged through out.  L14 was not able to attend that day as she was with Andrew for “Take your kid to work day”, which she enjoyed.