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With less than a week before L13, A11 and I leave for China our days have been very busy.  We finished our school work earlier in the week and were able to devote some time to shopping for a few essential items.  I have also been spending some time learning how to use the new gadgets Andrew ordered in order to make it easier to communicate while I am away.   I hope to be have time and opportunity to update this blog but my first priority will be to post news and photos on the Stellae Boreales blog.

We spent the day yesterday gathering everything together and doing a partial pack.  After recently traveling in Europe with her family a close friend of mine gave me a comprehensive packing list and some helpful items.  We are assuming it will be hot all the time and are packing accordingly.  I do have a pack of medical supplies which take up a bit of room and  some gluten-free rations also.

Yesterday Andrew bought home a lap top generously loaned by a friend at work.  It should give me the flexiblity to work on emails and posts during travel or rehearsal time.  I am aware that our itinerary is a full and exciting one which may see us all just fall into bed at night exhausted.


China is a hot topic around our place at present and has been for some time now. The reason being that L13, A11 and I will be in China in July this year. As I have mentioned many times the girls belong to Stellae Boreales, a violin ensemble. In the first two weeks of July the ensemble is traveling to China to visit and perform in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Of course it is a costly exercise to take fourteen musicians and their entourage to China so fundraising is a high priority. The group held their first fund-raising concert back in November and their second is on April 13th. We have the next month to sell tickets, solicit advertising and procure silent auction items. We also have some amazing parents seeking grants and sponsorship from a range of sources.

Every weekend the girls are involved in rehearsals and lately a slew of performances as well. Although it is quite a bit of practising the girls are enjoying being part of a great group of musicians. The camaraderie has developed as the musicians rehearse, travel, eat and kill time together. As a regular attendee of both rehearsals and performances I can see the friendships that have formed over the last months and years. This will only add to the excitement and enjoyment of spending two weeks in China together.

The musicians, including A11 and L13, have been writing about the events of this year and preparations for China. You can read their impressions on the Stellae Boreales blog.