Children who talk about Narnia…

get gradually balmier and balmier. Well, that is what Eustace says in “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and if it is true the children in this house would be the balmiest children around. Narnia has been a favourite topic in this family for a while but the arrival of the movie and the radio theatre cds A9 received for Christmas has increased its popularity immensely. A9, in particular, answers questions and gives directions in the manner of a true queen of Narnia. I have read the series several times and a few years ago I read it to the girls and they have since read some of the books themselves. We went to see the movie during the Christmas break and enjoyed it. I was in two minds about seeing it as I have clear pictures in my head of what it should look like and I was afraid Disney would not be true to the story. I was impressed, as were the girls at how close to the text it was. There were some amusing additions and some unnecessary dramatic additions eg. white water rafting on ice! but no huge diversions.

a9 says: I especially liked the movie. My favorite character was Lucy. I was reading a magazine which had things about the movie, and I read that the character who played Edmund had been taught a dance with a green furry creature and he had not known that it was being filmed so is now wondering if it might turn up as a special feature on the dvd. I’ve also been looking for websites about the movie and I found a few movie trailers

l11 says: “Aslan is on the move!”(The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe) I recently went to see the new Narnia movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorite characters were the Pevensie children and the White Witch. I also thought the fauns, centaurs and other mythical creatures were very well done. I have been listening to A9’s Focus on the Family Narnia CDs as well and really enjoy them. A9 and I are constantly reciting scenes from them. “For Narnia and the north!”(The Horse and his Boy)

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