Something Warm

In her book, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge, Mem Fox tells the story of a little boy who tries to help his dear old friend find her memory. He questions a group of elderly folk and one of them tells him a memory is “something warm, my boy, something warm.” The weather right now makes me wish for something warm. The mornings are quite cold and the leaves are constantly falling. We have a back yard full of leaves and even when four of us raked for an hour we hardly made a dent.

I have been making soup. Last week I made Corn Chowder, inspired by the wonderful fish chowder we had when we visited Grand Manan in August. This week I made Pea and Ham and then yesterday Beef and Barley with Mushrooms. The Corn Chowder and Beef and Barley were from Delicious & Dependable Slow Cooker Recipes.

I have also been knitting a sweater. I have not knitted in years, ever since I spent ten years knitting a sweater for my boyfriend/fiance/husband. I am determined to finish a little more quickly this time and it looks promising. I began on August 21st and have finished the front, the back and one sleeve. After the sweater I am hoping to knit scarves or a poncho, hopefully something fluffy.