Keepers at home

Saturday morning the girls and I gave up our sleep in and were on the road by 8:30 on the way to a Mother/Daughter craft workshop. The day was organised by a group called Keepers at Home and I had been invited to teach a scrapbooking class. I had agreed after the girls had both said they were keen to participate too. It is not a group we belong to so we only knew a couple of people there, but it was a wonderful day and a blessing to each of us.

My class was scheduled for the afternoon so A10 and I signed up for cake decorating in the morning. We learnt some great tricks and techniques before decorating a cake each. At the same time L12 was doing the beginner crochet class. She learnt how to start and do single and double crochet and then started on a granny square.

We enjoyed a potluck lunch together and then A10 helped me with the scrapbook class while L12 learnt how to do a log cabin square. My scrapbook class was great fun, everyone had a different theme in the photos they had brought with them and approached their pages with a different style. They all finished in the time alloted and the pages looked wonderful. A10 and I were kept busy cutting, advising and encouraging everyone.

L12 did a beautiful job on her log cabin square and now a week and a half later she has started on her first log cabin quilt. Some of the classes were taught by teenage girls and others by older women, it was great to see the women of different ages all working together, learning from and encouraging each other. I hope we are invited again.

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