Birthday report#2

My younger brother called to wish me a happy birthday at 7:45am. It was very nice to talk to him and especially nice that he managed to get the time difference right, a couple of times he has called at 2am in the morning! (and he is not the only one). We chatted and he gave me some feedback on the blog, which is good, because I really don’t know who is reading it. One of the motivations for starting it was the fact that all our extended family and many friends live in Australia and they don’t get letters from me, other than the Christmas epistle. So I was pleased that one of the people who doesn’t get mail from me was reading my news and views. His feedback made me laugh: less recipes, more sport! Sorry, there will be more recipes but I will also throw in some more sport if you like, especially when our softball season starts, you will be subjected to weekly reports.

I was then showered with gifts from my dear family. B6 had drawn some beautiful pictures for me. L12 and A10 had schemed together to make up a basket of goodies, some to eat, some to drink and something to listen to. My sweet husband had listened to my hints and I unwrapped “The Cosby Show” season 1, Norah Jones new cd and some more treats. Gifts from Australia had also arrived during the week, I feel very loved. I also enjoyed a birthday call from my mother-in-law and a few messages on the machine. During the morning friends dropped in with something very pretty from one of my favourite stores and again I felt blessed.

As we didn’t have to go anywhere in the morning, I set up the sewing machine and worked on a something I started in the Christmas break. It is my hope and plan to attend to the sorry state of window coverings in this house during 2007 and to do so at minimum cost. The first project is Roman blinds for my room. I am using some green cotton/linen curtains that I bought at a thrift store. Two blinds are finished except for the wooden rods and I was working on the larger, middle one this morning.

The afternoon was spent with the girls at a rehearsal while the boys went from store to store looking for Xcountry ski boots. We have just finished some delicious Chinese take out and are going to pile onto my bed to watch an episode from the Cosby Show. So thank you to my children and husband for your thoughtfulness and love for me today and everyday. Thank you to my family and friends near and far who thought of me today or any other day. Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness which is new every morning of every single day.

1 thought on “Birthday report#2

  1. Susan

    OK, I’ve been convicted. I would never dream of leaving an e-mail or letter unanswered, but somehow the fact that a blog isn’t actually addressed to me always meant I had no responsibility to respond. But that’s all changed since I read your last entry.

    So – feedback? The blog is great! I LOVE the recipes and the family news and the updates on investments in Ecuador. Curtain news interests me too – ours were recently installed (courtesy of Dollar Curtains – I cheated for thr first time ever) so now our renovations are finished. Hope you’ll be over soon to see them.

    Sorry we didn’t get to talk to you on your birthday, but for me to post a comment on a blog – hey, it MUST be your birthday!


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