Daily Archives: April 24, 2007

On a completely different note

I am a Neil Young fan, have been for years. So is our friend Joe (but not his wife or my daughters! ). The other night Joe mentioned how good Neil’s new cd sounds and the next day when I returned home from a long day of lessons, rehearsals and ferrying young girls around, my sweet husband had placed an “encouragement gift” on the table for me.

Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall

Thank you.

Still practising

Monday’s performances went very well with helpful comments and praise from the adjudicator as well as certificates for each girl. After they’d finished their violin teacher told them how pleased she was with their performances and then said,”Ten hours of practice tomorrow!”

They knew she was joking, but they both put in two practices today to further prepare for tomorrow. L12 is playing a concert group made up of Rustic Dance by Jean Coulthard and Adoration by Felix Borowski. A10 will play Concerto #1 in D Major, Op.7 (1st movement) by Seitz. I noticed on Monday that it wasn’t just me who was nervous they both had “butterflies” and it showed in different ways for each of them.