Daily Archives: May 13, 2007

Mothers’ Day blessings

How thankful I am for my mother, who I spoke to last night and for my children who showered me with a few extra treats this weekend. Yesterday morning I was able to sleep in, something which hasn’t happened a lot lately. I was reading in bed listening to the sounds of industry in the kitchen for a while before I was summoned to a delicious breakfast. Fresh flowers from the garden were in the middle of the table and L12 and A10 had prepared fruit salad, pancakes and bacon for all of us.

This morning I woke to find I had a very painful shoulder, I think from the digging I was doing in the garden yesterday. L12 massaged it, Andrew massaged it but it is still very painful hours later. I did not want to miss church, however, as Andrew and L12 were playing with the worship team, B6, A10 and L12 were singing with Junior Praise and then just the girls were singing with a girl’s ensemble. They all sang and played beautifully. There were also home made cards this morning and a little hand made bag and an original watercolour this afternoon. I have a lovely family, but it doesn’t take Mother’s day for me to realise that.