White World

We knew it was the weekend to turn the clocks forward. We had talked about it a few days ago. We just didn’t think about it last night when the children were watching the Cosby show until 10:45.

We also knew that there was a very good chance that we wouldn’t be able to get out of our street to get to church. Despite our late night we had to get up and see if we should try. No chance. The street would be an impossibility for our van right now. A11 and I trudged down to the end of the street to see how the main road looked and found the bus stop. Then we had to go back and get the camera so you could see the bus stop too.

bus stop

I also took a photo of the picnic table just to compare with the last one I posted in December. I included the birdfeeders this time as they are now sitting in the snow.

picnic table

When we have this much snow the roof has to be shoveled as well, that’s where Andrew is now.

3 thoughts on “White World

  1. Andrew

    Wow. I know we got a lot out in Embrun too. The plow just went by at about 12:35pm. Now I have to clear out the mouth of the driveway.

    Before that, there’s no way I could have made it out onto the street. Church? Forget that noise! I’d get stuck six times before making it out of Embrun.

    So, as for the worship team, looks like the guitarist, base guitarist (and leader), violinist, and sound-woman weren’t able to make it in. That makes for a scant worship team. (Apparently, the other sound-person couldn’t get out of his driveway either.) I wonder how they made out.

    -=Andrew N.

  2. ND

    In spite of all the shovelling they do, the children are still smiling. We are gathering a good collection of Ottawa snow images.

    I have been wondering where Embrun is. Perhaps another part of Ottawa? More mystery! How does Andrew N know that the worship team, the guitarist, base guitarist (and leader), violinist, and sound-woman weren’t able to make it to church.

    As for us, we are experiencing a late summer, each day this month being in or near thirties. ASdelaide has been 35 + each day with the last two days over 40 deg. Our DST has been extended this year to 6 April.


  3. Heather Post author

    Embrun is a little town east of Ottawa. Andrew N. has all that inside information about the worship team because he is the guitarist, who was unable to attend due to snow and he read on my blog about our household being unable to attend due to snow. WHen our household can’t attend that means the bass guitarist/ worship leader, the violinist and the sound woman are out. Our church did have a service on Sunday morning even though many churches around Ottawa cancelled. The worship team managed ably I’m sure with a pianist, a singer and a conga player. Apparently the preacher did double duty as the sound guy!


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