Sunshine and a robin

We are still surrounded by snow banks, but they have been shrinking and leaving puddles everywhere. Our street is still only one lane wide as none of the snow has been removed. During the day we splash through and at night we take care not to slip as it refreezes. Despite the signs of winter all around us we are seeing signs of spring as well. Yesterday and today when we were out the sun felt warm on our faces and the breeze, while not exactly warm, was no longer freezing. It amazes me every year that 3°C in October has you reaching for the mitts and scarves but in March it makes you want to start wearing shorts and tshirts!

Another sign of spring is the return of the birds. We were excited to see a flock of cedar waxwings descend on our backyard trees the other day and I watched a blue jay on our back fence today. A11 spotted Mr and Mrs Cardinal at the feeder a few days ago and this afternoon she saw the first robin.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and a robin

  1. ND

    We, too, are experiencing the changing of the seasons. Following a summer with some extraordinary variations of the norm and in which bushfires were very rare (for which we are most thankful) and summer rain brought disastrous floods to parts of the country, we are now experiencing the first sharp, cool mornings of autumn.

    In the upper mountains trees are showing their golden colours and clear skies after occasional overnight rain lead to patches of fog in the many valleys. The wisps of smoke rising from chimneys are less common today as we have been encouraged to replace solid fuel heaters with non-polluting gas or electric heating.

    Your reflection on our response to the changing seasons is equally true here, even though the magnitude of the the temperature variations is nowhere near the extremes that you experience. Shorts and tee shirts have not yet been stored away,but it is time to get out the track suits for the chilly mornings.

    Glad to read that Mr and Mrs C are back. That would be a special joy for A11 and all of you.



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