We have had over a week now of beautiful sunny days in the twenties.  The grass is greening, we have a few daffodils and star flowers with promises of tulips to come.  On the north side of the house, the snow bank is decreasing in size and could be gone entirely by this time next week.  We have signed up for softball and soccer.  Yes, I believe spring is here.  It may have come and gone, actually; it never stays for long.

Our schedule has been totally different this week as we have attended a Kiwanis Music Festival event each day.  We are over half way through now and the girls have performed beautifully.  Both spent extra hours practising over the last week or so and it showed as they competed in their various classes.  I have noticed a difference this year in their preparation.  Whereas in the past I was called on to listen, advise, count and comment, now they do that for each other.  I must admit they are better qualified to do so than I am.  They have encouraged and supported each other at home and at the events.

Both girls have received a gold and a silver place, with L13’s gold qualifying her to compete in the trophy class on Friday night.  Tomorrow they perform with the ensemble and on Friday they both have sight reading.   I was listening to a couple of violin mums talking in the foyer last night before L13’s class and one was saying that her son wished he was homeschooled so he would have more time to practise.  That is exactly what has happened here this week, the girls have appreciated having the flexibility to spend extra time on violin.  We were able  shift and  waive certain lessons to make it  possible.

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