Daily Archives: June 14, 2008

Upper Canada in 1866

Miss A11 has just returned from the schoolhouse, you can see her copybook in her hand. Her behaviour was more than adequate while in class, she even received a merit award for penmanship. As is entirely proper she is keeping her hat on while outside and behaving like the well mannered, demure young lady you all know her to be.

Her younger brother A7 was also in class with her but seated on the other side of the one room schoolhouse with all the other young gentlemen. Being the youngest student in the school it was up to him to lead the male scholars into the school at the beginning of the day. Just previous to the ringing of the school bell all the boys were to be found behind the building gathered around the rain barrel.

The young ladies and gentlemen did not spend all their time at their studies, there was time for playing and dancing also. It was delightful indeed to see each one put their best foot forward to master a Scottish Reel and then dance it again, along with other dances, as part of their evening recreation.

Check back later for more glimpses of our trip back to 1866.