Daily Archives: September 24, 2008

Chore changes

After two years of rotating the chores, we decided to move back to a system where each person has the same chores each week.  I compiled a list of all the chores we needed to do on a regular basis and divided them into five groups of four chores.  We then took turns picking a chore from each group with a different person getting first pick each time. Some of the chores are more time consuming than others but we seemed to end up with an appropriate distribution. It is a bit soon to know whether the new system is an improvement but I feel that we are keeping up better than last year.  The real test will be when all the outside activities start up again and we are in and out of the house more.

I read about an interesting chore system on Pioneer Woman a few weeks ago and told my children about it.  The girls felt that they were a little old for a “Chore Store” but B7 thought it was a great idea (no surprise there).  When children did all their allocated daily chores they earned Mom money or Dad dollars, to spend or save for purchases at the Chore Store.  We have never paid our children to do chores, looking after the house is just part of family life.  My hope is that over time they will learn how to do all the household chores and see it as a way to serve the family.  However I do want to recognise jobs well done, so I might come up with my own tokens of appreciation.

One of the girls came by as I was working on this post and wondered why on earth I was writing about chores!  Why indeed?  I just want you to know it’s not all watercolours and international travel around here.