Autumn is…

Autumn is heaps of freshly raked leaves,
Maples exploding in scarlet and amber,
Reflected in lakes still and shimmering.

Autumn is the sun relunctant to shine,
Visible breath in the chilly air,
Frost etching spidery patterns on the windows.

Autumn is twilight rambles in the woods,
Lively music from rides at the country fair,
The sweet scent of harvest apples in the air.

by L14

2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. ND

    Autumn is

    Autumn is a walk in Gatineau Hills,
    a loop of Pink Lake,
    with grand-children, looking at mirrors of gold.

    Autumn is ‘high tea’ at the end of the day,
    a treat of hot chocolate and cake
    at Mackenzie King Estate.


  2. Stephanie

    Hi Telfords, I have had a lovely evening reading throuygh many of your blogs. My biggest one day travel wish is to see deciduous trees in their native lands change colour. Anyway I particularly loved the gingerbread homes and looking at your poictures too. Last night we had a delightful evening with todds and jays minus all children. We all live in new homes since last you saw us. We have now been in our new place 11 months and it is only 6 houses up the hill and around the corner from our old one. Anyway I am beckoned by a book so will write another day. xxStephanie with love to all


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