Daily Archives: November 28, 2008

Gingerbread village

For the last two weeks my dining room table and several kitchen counters have been covered with gingerbread shapes and structures.  They are the components of four different entries for a local gingerbread house competition.  Last year we teamed up with another family and entered a lighthouse and the little house on the prairie.  This year the Group of Four families are all involved and there are four different entries.

B8 teamed up with the two other 8 year olds in our homeschooling group to make “Gummyville” a gingerbread village inhabited by gummy bears.  This worked very well because each child made two houses and was able to decorate them as they wished.


There was some negotiating done about surrounding parkland, but they were all very accommodating of each others ideas.  It was their idea to have a little frozen pond with gummy bears skating as well as some parkbenches for those gummies who just wanted sit by the fire.


They also came up with the name “Gummyville”  but no matter how hard I campaigned I could not get them to agree to have “…where life is sweet” on their sign!

There were several tense moments during the assembly day, but you can always turn a broken wall into a little shop.


I will post photos of the other three entries soon, so check back later.