Gingerbread Church

The gingerbread structures took quite some time to complete, as you can probably imagine.  We had scheduled three mornings but the church definitely needed more time.  Even though all the moms lobbied for a winter scene the girls making the church were determined to surround the church with a spring garden.  We were very impressed with their finished product, especially as it had all been their own design, from sketch and cardboard model through to completion.  By the way the stained glass windows will be shown off with little lights inside.


Ducks on the pond:


and graveyard out the back:


They painstakingly put together the pretzel fence and sprinkled the parsley grass around.  There are also several  garden beds and a bridge over the pond.


4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Church

  1. ND

    Congratulations to the architects and builders..

    I think the church reflects aspects of Australian country church design, that is, small weatherboard building with gothic windows along the side and an entrance porch at the centre front. However, few of these churches would have coloured glass windows. But it has the North American influence (at least, as I have seen it) as well. The tower/spire mounted centrally on the gable of the church reminds me of several we saw on our travels in 1993, particularly one at which I preached at Setauket on Long Island,USA.

    If I remember correctly, it did not have a pond in the church grounds, but it was near to the park which contained a lake and, of course, ducks.

    Perhaps A12 still retains something of Australia in her blood.

    Well done, girls.


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