As you know a fair amount of practising goes on here.  L14, finished with her exam, is now preparing for the Kiwanis Music Festival which occurs in April.  Last year L competed in the Grade 8 class and then performed the same pieces for her Suzuki book 8 graduation, again in China and then continued to practise them for her exam in January.  To say that she is pleased to be playing all new repetoire is an understatement.

A12 is also preparing new pieces for Kiwanis.  She chose to learn Csardas by Monti, which I have been hoping one of them would play.  Both girls have had a  few performances lately, solo and together.   Along with their friends H & P they have been asked to provide music for a wedding in July.

Andrew’s evenings are filled with practices of one kind or another.  He continues to play on worship teams at church but is also  practising with a band for a benefit concert on April 11th. The band is made up of local musicians and led by singer/songwriter Dave Byron.  The benefit is for Empathy House, a long-term residential treatment facility for women with  substance addiction.

Last Saturday night the youth at our church hosted a rock concert by Manic Drive.  L and A both attended and had a great time.  Four of our youth, including L opened for the band with a couple of worship songs.  Apparently the church was rocking literally, windows were  shaking and walls vibrating!

2 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. Sven

    Not to mention that it was as loud outside as in the foyer.

    Ear plugs – gotta love them!

    The four youth (L on a synth, which as a surprise and pleasure) were good at opening, especially given the short preparation time & sound check they had. We should also find them a drummer…


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