Monthly Archives: May 2009

Happy Mother

What a privilege it is to be a mother.  A privilege, a responsibility, a joy.  My family made Mothers’ Day very enjoyable for me today.  There were lovely cards waiting for me this morning, plus a model of a boat at sea made by B8.  This afternoon we played tennis together for an hour or so and then returned for a delicious dinner made by Andrew and A12.  They had been watching Master Chef Australia and were inspired to create something from the ingredients available to them.  We sat down to a beautifully presented meal of Spanish Meatballs with baked Acorn Squash in an Orange Capsicum, Lemon and Garlic sauce on the side.  To drink we had an Iced Tea and Ginger ale mix.  The flowers on the table were done by B8 and the clean up by L14.    Perfect.

Onto the next event

Last time I posted here I was telling you about Laura’s successful week at the Kiwanis Music Festival.  The following week was busy for Alexandra as she first performed Fantasia on Greensleeves by Vaughan Williams and Csardas by Monti for her Concert Group class, then later in the week  the first movement of a Dvorak Sonatina.  Both performances went very well and we could the results of her hard work leading up to the Festival.  She also competed in a sight reading class and with Stellae Boreales in an ensembles class.   The weeks of the Kiwanis Festival are always busy but we  enjoy the chance to hear some amazing musicians play.

After the festival ended  practice energy was directed towards preparing for Stellae Boreales’ next concert which happened last night.  It was a very successful concert, the group’s  first sellout ever, but very different from any concert they have done before.  Bows for Butterflies was a benefit concert and auction in support of youth treatment programs at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (ROMHC).  The concert was held in the Ballroom of the Brookstreet Hotel, a very classy Ottawa Hotel and attended by many prominent people in our community, including Daniel Alfredson, captain of Ottawa’s Hockey Team.   The performances, which included a solo from Laura, went very well and the response to the music and the cause was very enthusiastic.  At least $15,000 dollars was raised through ticket sales, auction and donations.

One more concert remains for the group  this season and then another solo recital for the girls in June.