Monthly Archives: June 2009

Soccer, tennis and geography

Spring soccer has started for A12 and B8.  They play twice a week and are on the same team this year.  It is the last year for A12 in this particular league, which is probably not a bad thing.  She is a head and shoulders taller than most players and is almost as tall as the coach.  Even B8 who is playing in the age level above his own is not the shortest.  Both children are enjoying the games and the team is improving every week.  Last night A12 scored two goals.

The whole family have been playing tennis as often as we can.  There are courts beside the soccer fields so we play during soccer and take turns to go and support the team.  We have also been playing with Group of Four on Fridays after our Canadian geography lessons.  We spent four weeks on Geography, starting with the big picture, which included provinces, territories, capitals, geographic regions, major rivers and lakes.  We then narrowed in on Ontario, looking at waterways, cities and towns and climatic regions.  To review and finish we played a game of Geography Jeopardy where the mum’s created answers and questions  in all the catergories we had covered.