I guess we are in the middle of summer, but you wouldn’t know it from the weather.  It has been raining just about every day.  Apparently Ottawa has already broken its own record for July rainfall. Needless to say the grass is very green and the weeds and flowers  are very tall.

L14 and A13 have been at a music camp all week, as counsellors, not campers.  The camp is for young Suzuki musicians and the girls keep track of their respective groups, supervising them in craft time and gym and making sure they get to their music classes.  They don’t actually play violin during the camp at all.

B8 has spent the week with me.  Not terribly exciting for him as I have been doing cleaning and sorting around the house.  The painting is finished but we haven’t put the room back together yet.  L14 will not move in until October as my parents will be staying with us until then.  Less than a week until they arrive!

B8 has spent quite a bit of time with his lego this week including designing a new gadget for a competition he read about in his lego magazine.  He has to take a picture and write a description of it.  He has already written a short story describing how his gadget helped an agent diffuse a bomb!  Today I suggested he make a house of cards.  He has taken over the dining room table and has so far used 5 packs of cards.

Most  evenings we  watch MasterChef Australia.  We know it has concluded in Australia but we are still working through the episodes and are down to the last seven contestants.   It continues to be a positive influence on the chefs around here.  Last weekend we enjoyed Paella with mussels, chicken and prawns.  As I write L14 is preparing Mushroom Risotta for lunch.  Mmmm.

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