MasterChef final 24

We have arrived at the  final 24!

Watching most of the pairs run around the farms like the chooks clucking in the coop was a little frustrating but they did eventually return to the kitchen and create their two course meals.  Poor Philip was deserted mid-challenge but, as was only fair, received a second chance from the judges.   I don’t know that he has got what it takes to get much further but I may be wrong.  Looking at the fresh berries and peaches made me hungry for summer fruits.  Another month or two and we will be picking and eating fresh strawberries too.

We enjoyed the “Mise en place” challenge a lot more than we enjoyed hearing George mispronounce it!  I thought I could have completed the egg separating part unless of course the whole MasterChef experience caused my hands to shake uncontrollably like some.  I might have even managed to julienne the carrots but the oysters and salmon would have seen me tapped on the shoulder.  I don’t spend much time with seafood.

Both the quail challenge and the fish curry challenge showed us that some know how to fillet and others definitely do not.   Smiley  Shanee must have been a real favourite with the judges to make it through even though her plate was missing noodles.  The mystery box dessert challenge was entertaining, as the 45 minute time limit left several with wobbly, runny jellies or crustless pies!  Lucky for Princess Fiona that her Strawberry Jelly/Champagne actually tasted really good, which apparently wasn’t the case for the Cherry Jelly bloke.

I haven’t memorized their names yet but I am sure it won’t take long.    B9 is backing Alvin,  A13 likes Princess Fiona and Claire is L15’s current favorite.   Sarah has the most amusing faces and Joanne the best, or is it worst, accent.  I am  keen to see how Claire goes but I also enjoy watching the guy with the sock hat and the one with tattoos.  Jake seems a bit hit and miss to me but may might survive as long as he can keep all his fingers in tact.

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