New York

You wouldn’t know by reading here, but the violinists are as busy as ever.  The Kiwanis Music Festival in April consumed much of their time with both girls competing individually and with Stellae Boreales.  They both played very well and advanced to their respective trophy classes.

The excitement of Kiwanis pales into insignificance when compared the upcoming Stellae Boreales tour.  Both A13 and L15  leave very early on Saturday to travel by bus to New York.  While there they will pack in as much sightseeing as possible as well as 4 performances.  As both are members of the senior performance group they will be playing solos at the concerts.  You can follow the tour and photos by visiting the Stellae Boreales blog.  They arrive back home on Wednesday evening.

1 thought on “New York

  1. ND

    We well remember the wonderful reports and photographs of Stella Boreales in China and look forward to the news of the New York performances. Another great experience and opportunity for some beautifully talented young musicians. May they all have a great time.



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