Monthly Archives: October 2011

It’s that time again

We have six big trees in our backyard so the raking task is huge.

At least this year B11 can use a cool tool to do it.

It’s way more fun than a rake.

But as you can see he’s not even half way there yet.

Art Class: Marbling

We have started a new year of art and I have a class of four regulars with a couple more students who will join in occasionally. Our first unit for the year is printmaking and we kicked off with two weeks of marbling. For Christmas one year B11 bought me a marbling kit which, until now, has sat on the shelf unused. We had a great time with it and are all keen to have another go at a later date. I will need to find a new source of chemicals having used up the ones in the kit and I would like to try better quality paper and/or inks as the prints are a little washed out.

Marbling involves a bath of “size” onto which you drop coloured inks. The inks spread but do not blend so it is possible to manipulated them into patterns with combs and skewers.

Once the pattern is created,  paper which has been soaked in an alum solution is lowered onto the size to pick up the marbled pattern.

During the first week we familiarized ourselves with the way the inks reacted to the size and to each other, creating some basic and random patterns. Above is a print B11 made.  The second week we were more deliberate in creating our patterns following some recipes included in the kit. Below are two prints; the pink one A15 made and the other is mine.

A day in Montreal

For the last week we have enjoyed the company of guests from Australia, a family we met in Wollongong in 1996 and have been friends with ever since. They visited for Christmas and New Year in 2008-9 so have experienced our winter. This time they were happy  to avoid wearing all the winter layers.

Their children are very close in age to our children and a good time was had by all. We spent one day in Montreal visiting the science museum in the morning then walking through the old town and up to Mount Royal in the afternoon. There was one exhibit in particular which kept everyone intrigued as they tried the 26 “hands on” activities including the giant bubble maker.