Art Class: Marbling

We have started a new year of art and I have a class of four regulars with a couple more students who will join in occasionally. Our first unit for the year is printmaking and we kicked off with two weeks of marbling. For Christmas one year B11 bought me a marbling kit which, until now, has sat on the shelf unused. We had a great time with it and are all keen to have another go at a later date. I will need to find a new source of chemicals having used up the ones in the kit and I would like to try better quality paper and/or inks as the prints are a little washed out.

Marbling involves a bath of “size” onto which you drop coloured inks. The inks spread but do not blend so it is possible to manipulated them into patterns with combs and skewers.

Once the pattern is created,  paper which has been soaked in an alum solution is lowered onto the size to pick up the marbled pattern.

During the first week we familiarized ourselves with the way the inks reacted to the size and to each other, creating some basic and random patterns. Above is a print B11 made.  The second week we were more deliberate in creating our patterns following some recipes included in the kit. Below are two prints; the pink one A15 made and the other is mine.

2 thoughts on “Art Class: Marbling

  1. ND

    What a joy to see this latest blog with its truly beautiful designs. It looks like a wonderful opportunity to take barista skills to a new level. It looks like good fun but I imagine it is not easy. There is the blending of colours, an aspect upon which you are already very competent. The “twirling” of the colours to make the designs is something that would require much patience, I imagine. Not all twirls are likely to achieve what you may be seeking. Sometimes you probably get some surprise results, but I suspect you are not able to undo something that does not go the way you were hoping.

    Recently we watched a TV series from the UK “The Next Big Thing” in which people had an opportunity to present a design idea to a major retail chain hoping to break into the industry. On successful person was a university professor who had a hobby of photographing crystals. No two images were alike. They were brilliant in colour and their irregular form. He enlarged the images and printed them on Italian silk, about 1.5m square. They were selling at prices near 200 UK pounds. In the final program it looked as though he would retire from his uni post.

    It appears that everyone in your class is having fun. Congratulations to all. Perhaps there is a commercial opportunity in the future.

    Here life continues with its ups and downs. Yesterday was probably the worst since the current journey began. Today is much better. Matt is here for a week of pre-exam study.


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