Monthly Archives: December 2011

A white world

I am still hoping for a white Christmas but we have less snow now than when I took these photos two weeks ago

If there is no wind the world can stay looking magical for hours. This snowfall was two weeks ago and stayed for a couple of days until the unusually “warm’ temperatures made it disappear.

Art Class: Lino Printing 2

We continued carving and printing our linocuts and designed a second smaller one each as well. Here  is a squirrel S12 carved .

The lino cut below shows the amount of carving required to create a design with little or no background. As you can see in the card the finished product looked great. L14 printed it in red ink and sponged extra colour  onto the paper after printing. I bought speedball printing ink for our second week and it worked well.

A15 printed her shoe in a few different colours and we are hoping to print it three times in colours which will work in her room then frame them.

My own linoprint is posted on my paintings page