Monthly Archives: January 2012

2011 Gingerbread house

Our children have made some fairly elaborate gingerbread houses with friends over the years. This year B11 and I went back to basics with a yummy little gluten free cottage.

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Houses made in previous years:

2008 House

2008 Church

2008 Village

2007 Lighthouse and Little House on the Prairie

The reason I buy my candles at Ikea

Every Christmas I choose a different colour scheme for the Christmas tree and other decorating. This year A15 put in a bid for lime green so we went with it, hanging new balls and buying some sparkly green candles. The candles were pretty but they made a big mess over the candlesticks and the mantle.

We have a new IKEA in the city and I will head there this week to stock up on candles; it was too scary to go before Christmas only days after it opened.

Glimpses of our Christmas

We enjoyed some relaxing family time and some fun with friends as well. It was lovely to have Andrew’s mum here with us to celebrate Christmas and experience a bit of Ottawa winter. As always we were spoilt by Andrew’s excellent cooking; the turkey was done with the new Smokenator 1000! 

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