Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Art Class: Coloured pencil drawing

Before Christmas we did a short three week unit of coloured pencil drawing. We used both watercolour and wax or oil based coloured pencils. Just as my art teachers had done I had my class drawing fruit. Fruit are a manageable subject to be completed in a short time frame.  Even though the time was relatively short I stressed that the longer we spent building up colour with the non watercolour pencils the more depth and realism we could achieve. It was not just colouring in a sketch.

Our warm up exercises before drawing the fruit were to complete several solids concentrating on the light and dark areas, shadows and shading.

A photo a day or two

I didn’t get yesterday’s photo posted here yesterday but it was on my pinterest board. The theme was “a smile” so I snapped one of a friend while we were at our history class.

Today the theme was “5pm” so I was hoping for a sunset shot. As I drove into the driveway at 4:58 after swimming lessons and errands the sky was grey and I was extremely thirsty so instead of a beautiful sky all I have for you is a tall glass of water, smudges and all!