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Days of Summer part 1

We are half way through July now and have been enjoying some hot sunny summer weather. We have had very little rain and a level two drought has been declared for the Ottawa area. This is particularly odd as most of our Canadian summers have been punctuated by thunder storms; when we played softball the storms invariably came during Thursday night games, once A16 started track they seemed to appear at the weekly Twilight meets. Not so this year the grasslands around us remind me of Australian summers.

After my attempt to take and post a photo a day in March where I managed 24 out of 31 days and again in June where I only managed 11out of 30, I decided to change my approach. Over the summer I am trying to take photos every day and then pick one each day to post. They are all on my Pinterest board Photo of the Day. Some days photo opportunities and kodak moments present themselves. Other days I have to search for or create them myself.

My Dad asked about my last header image of the large canoe. I took that very close to home back in May. I was up very early to deliver A15 to a bus heading to Washington so I thought I might take some early morning pictures. On the way to the bus at 5:30am there were some great opportunities but we were rushing to make that bus. On the way home an hour later the sun was well and truly up so I had missed the best shots. I did stop at the park and take a few of early morning dragon boat training and liked the reflections of everyone’s coloured sweaters in the water as they paddled. The new header photo was taken on an evening walk home from the same park.

Here are a few pics of our summer so far. I will continue to update the photo of the day collection here.

Trip Lee in concert

B11 and I went to see Trip Lee in concert a couple of days ago. He was the guest of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Ottawa. Trip Lee is a Christian rapper and hip hop artist from Dallas, one of several Christian rappers that B11 likes to listen to. After he got Trip Lee’s latest album, The Good Life, he was surprised to find me listening to it and even more surprised to hear how much I liked it. That is how we came to be attending his concert here in town. The venue was not huge and we were in a raised section so we had no problem seeing the stage and artists well; I managed to get some ¬†photos and a bit of video too.

Trip Lee began rapping at age 12, became a Christian at 14 and released his first album as he graduated from high school. His lyrics are gospel based and God glorifying.

Below are a couple of videos with Trip Lee  featured on the Desiring God blog recently.

Trip Lee talking about how hip hop is valuable in the fight against sin.

The gospel in two minutes

Our graduate

Last week our seventeen year old daughter graduated from high school. We attended her graduation with pride and delight as her final year of high school, the only one she has spent at school, has been a wonderful one for her. After homeschooling all her life she attended our local high school for grade 12. She has thoroughly enjoyed learning in a classroom setting, has worked very hard and has achieved excellent results.

She also made wonderful friends who made school all the more enjoyable.