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Dressember update #2

I have less than a week of Dressember left and I am thrilled to announce that my fundraising is now at 107%. I am so excited to have reached my goal but would love to keep adding to the total for as long as the campaign continues. Anything I raise will help my team reach its $2500 goal so please think about getting involved. Thank you so much to all who have contributed. I have been encouraged by family, friends near and far, from my current connections in Canada and my roots in Australia. I have also been thrilled to see the response from the crafting community both those I know from live classes and those I know only online. I have had several anonymous donations; I am not able to thank you personally but please know I am very grateful for your generosity.  I appreciate all donor’s support of my fundraising efforts but more importantly I am excited that you are making a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking around the world.

To donate please visit my fundraising page

or my team fundraising page

As I mentioned in my previous post the money raised in this campaign is given as grants to organizations, namely International Justice MissionA21 and the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Centre. Please check out the work they are doing if you would like to know more.

As you can imagine it has got a little chillier as December has progressed. Some days Alexandra and I have snapped photos out in the snow but other days it is definitely an indoor task! To check whether I am completing the challenge you can see my daily dresses posted on Instagram and Pinterest but here are a couple of favourite photos from the last few weeks.

One of the Dressember catch cries is #youcandoanythinginadress and on December 14th in -15°C  I successfully jumpstarted a car!

The next day I got all fancy and spent part of a night at the museum for Andrew’s work Christmas party.

I’ve cleared the car and shovelled the driveway in a dress.

Thank you for your interest and involvement. Thank you for visiting here; I’ll be back with a wrap up in January.



Dressember 2017 update

I am excited to update you about my Dressember 2017 campaign. I have been wearing dresses for ten days now and have already raised over $600! I am hoping to not only reach my goal but surpass it. Modern day slavery is a problem all over the world. Individuals and whole families have their freedom taken away and are forced to work for someone else’s gain.

Organizations like the International Justice Mission and A21 are working around the world to free victims, bring perpetrators to justice and restore survivors to new living situations with the liberty to work and thrive in safety.

I have been very encouraged by the support I have received from family, friends, anonymous donors, blog readers and fellow artists and crafters. I am approaching my fundraising goal of $1000 and hoping to exceed it before my donation page closes at the end of January. THANK YOU to those of you have donated. If you would like to donate to help end human trafficking please visit my page here

It is fun doing the challenge with my daughter Alexandra, I don’t need to take selfies, we raid each other’s wardrobes and we celebrate each other fundraising achievements. If you are wondering whether I have worn a dress each day on December, here are the first 10 day’s pics.



Dressember 2017

Back in 2014 I participated in Dressember, a campaign to raise funds to end human trafficking. Once again I have committed to wear dresses every day of December for the same worthy cause. Wearing a dress every day can get a little chilly here in Canada and tends to look a little fancier than my usual jeans and sweaters so it does prompt some conversation. Wearing dresses all month is my kind of a challenge though; I like fashion, I make dresses, so combined with such an vital cause, it’s a good fit for me. This year my daughter, Alexandra and our friend, Nan have teamed up with me and our goal is to raise $2500

The challenge is certainly not to wear a different dress everyday, some participants wear the same dress all 31 days! The campaign is about freedom and justice.

Dressember equips a community of advocates to fight for the dignity of all people, leading to the protection and freedom of millions.

Check back here during the month to see how I am going with my fundraising or click over to my fundraising page to help me meet my goal. Right now our team has raised 13% of our $2500.

I am updating my instagram and pinterest accounts to show ‘proof of dress’ and will be back to post some photos here on the blog also.