Daily Archives: December 26, 2017

Dressember update #2

I have less than a week of Dressember left and I am thrilled to announce that my fundraising is now at 107%. I am so excited to have reached my goal but would love to keep adding to the total for as long as the campaign continues. Anything I raise will help my team reach its $2500 goal so please think about getting involved. Thank you so much to all who have contributed. I have been encouraged by family, friends near and far, from my current connections in Canada and my roots in Australia. I have also been thrilled to see the response from the crafting community both those I know from live classes and those I know only online. I have had several anonymous donations; I am not able to thank you personally but please know I am very grateful for your generosity.  I appreciate all donor’s support of my fundraising efforts but more importantly I am excited that you are making a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking around the world.

To donate please visit my fundraising page

or my team fundraising page

As I mentioned in my previous post the money raised in this campaign is given as grants to organizations, namely International Justice MissionA21 and the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Centre. Please check out the work they are doing if you would like to know more.

As you can imagine it has got a little chillier as December has progressed. Some days Alexandra and I have snapped photos out in the snow but other days it is definitely an indoor task! To check whether I am completing the challenge you can see my daily dresses posted on Instagram and Pinterest but here are a couple of favourite photos from the last few weeks.

One of the Dressember catch cries is #youcandoanythinginadress and on December 14th in -15°C  I successfully jumpstarted a car!

The next day I got all fancy and spent part of a night at the museum for Andrew’s work Christmas party.

I’ve cleared the car and shovelled the driveway in a dress.

Thank you for your interest and involvement. Thank you for visiting here; I’ll be back with a wrap up in January.