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Melting Snowman Cookies

A17 made melted snowman cookies for the bake sale at school this week.snowman cookies 1

She used a sugar cookie recipe, sliced marshmallows for heads, candy covered sunflower seeds for noses and various colours of icing.sunglasses snowman cookie

They all sold. Not suprising.melted snowman cookies


Oh Brother

I am enjoying a couple of days in Canberra with my older brother David and his family. My younger brother Stephen and his wife are here too so it has been a real treat.


Of course meeting my brand new, week old great nephew has been quite the highlight too!



Blue Mountains bush fires

I am staying with my parents in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney at present and the area is  in the midst of a bush fire emergency. When I returned to Australia last week I was looking forward to experiencing many of the Australian sights, sounds, tastes and smells I have missed over the thirteen years I have been in Canada. I had no idea I would encounter anything like the current bush fire crisis.

Driving home last Thursday, October 17th, I took the following photos:

004bushfire drive home 005fire rescue 012bushfire drive home 016bush fire driving homeWhen we arrived home we talked to my parent’s neighbour about the closest fire. He assured us that it was not travelling in our direction nor would it when the wind changed later that day. The damage caused by that fire and the many others still burning is extensive. Hundreds of homes have been lost. There is a constant smell of smoke in the air and the sound of sirens and helicopters close by. The view from my parents home on Thursday is below. When I looked out today it was no longer so dramatic but the threat is still serious as the temperatures and wind speeds forecast for the next few days are very high. We have spent time clearing the yard and roof of dry leaves and preparing for a possible evacuation.

There are still over 60 fires burning in New South Wales so please pray for an end to this crisis and for the safety of all those involved.

020view from Valley Heights

An afternoon in Gatineau Park

king mountain gatineau park

We are enjoying some sunny warm autumn days this week, perfect weather for a picnic in Gatineau Park. My parents are visiting from Australia so we enjoyed an afternoon in the park snapping photos and enjoying each other’s company. While eating our lunch we were treated to an impromptu concert at an adjacent picnic table. First the musician played a couple of pieces on the erhu then packed it away and pulled out a trombone!

lac black


An Afternoon Ski

afternoon ski

Yesterday Andrew and I went skiing not far from home. Andrew is keen to ski; I am willing to ski but find the whole stopping or turning thing a little tricky. It was beautiful in amongst the trees after two big snow storms. I wanted photos but the temperature was minus 10 °C so my fingers complained every time I pulled them out of my mitts.

andrew afternoon ski

An enlightening and challenging post from my brother’s blog.


We’ve all heard of Movember. During the month of November moustaches sprout on men’s faces everywhere. The aim of this campaign is to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health. The mo has played an important role in lifting the lid on some huge issues that have been kept private for too long.

I wasn’t aware until very recently that November is also Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It comes hot on the heels of the global pink month, promoting awareness of breast cancer. Whereas pink ribbons are ubiquitous, I’ve never noticed the pearl or white ribbons for lung cancer. Nor did I realise that there are purple, blue, jade, periwinkle, orange, violet, gold, green, and a whole bunch of other coloured ribbons promoting awareness of many different cancers. Without taking away from the importance of increasing awareness for all cancers, there are some…

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