Snowed under

Snow, thaw, pour, slush, freeze is the current weather sequence round here.

We have had a couple of big snowfalls in the last few weeks that I have attempted to photograph with my new camera. I am slowly getting to know what some of the buttons and settings do.

Of course the real purpose of a good snowfall is to provide somewhere to play and something to play with..

B10 and J10 across the road, with some help from J’s dad buried themselves up to their shoulders in snow. It reminded me of burying people in sand at the beach.

1 thought on “Snowed under

  1. ND

    They are great, sharp images from the new camera. They show the attractive aspect of the snow season – snow crystals on bare branches and children having fun in the snow. They allow you to forget for a time the thaw and slush aspects.

    Your latest blog prompted me to look at some old photographs of a picnic day from Longford to Poatina so that you and David could spend a few hours playing in the snow.

    Your blog also reminds me of the fun of burying people in sand at the beach and a favourite photo of an almost 3 year old on the beach at Rosebud in Victoria. As I have been unable to attach it here, I will email separately.



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