Daily Archives: January 6, 2007

Birthday wishes

One good thing about the time difference between Canada and Australia is that I rarely forget my mother’s birthday. While it is still my anniversary here it is already my mother’s birthday there. So if I remember my anniversary then I will probably remember her birthday and vice versa!
These photos were taken during the summer while my parents were staying with us. It was a wonderful time. I think the thing I enjoyed most was having them to talk to day after day and not having to remember the things I needed to discuss next time we talked on the phone or emailed. My mother and I had many conversations and she also had time for many chats with the rest of the family too.

mum and alexandra
Another thing I appreciate about my mother is her faithfulness in prayer, it is an encouragement to me daily and an inspiration to me in my own prayer life. I could go on and write of many more things about my mother that I appreciate but I will stop there and go and call her and wish her Happy Birthday.


Guests at the Villa Caprice

This week the ladies at the Villa Caprice welcomed their first house guests, their good friends from the Casa Gialla.guests

They enjoyed a wonderful feast in the dining room.


Later in the week the lady of Villa Caprice returned the compliment and was warmly welcomed at the Casa Gialla.
Casa Gialla