Daily Archives: January 9, 2007

For your viewing pleasure

We have watched a few movies over the Christmas break. I asked the children if they had any favourites they would like to see again and then I reserved them at the library. It is tricky finding movies suitable for everyone and one solution to this problem is some old classics.

We have recently watched:
Holiday Inn
Charlie Brown Christmas
Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
My Fair Lady

I know some of you are thinking we might be unaware that new movies have been made in the last thirty years. We know that and we do watch some of them, but we like the old ones, and yes, we like musicals! This is never more evident than in the days after watching a musical or listening to a soundtrack. The house is filled with “musical theatre voices” switching almost seamlessly from Seussical the Musical to Phantom and then to My Fair Lady or Joseph and his Dreamcoat!

If you have some favourite family movies let us know by leaving a comment.