About books

I own several books about books. I had one, Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt, and thought that I probably wouldn’t buy any others. After all it would take a long time to read all the books recommended in that one book , wouldn’t it? Then I bought Books Children Love by Elizabeth Wilson because it was recommended in For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay which has always been a favourite book. The Book Tree was next by Elizabeth McCallum and I think it might be my favourite although they are all very useful.

When I was buying books for this year’s school work I bought a new one, All Through the Ages, History Through Literature Guide by Christine Miller. Christine Miller has searched for “living books” in catalogs, other book about books, and history curriculum. Her lists are organized by historical period and then in grade levels and types of book. It is an amazing resource. When I was planning our history study for this year I sat with the book in front of me and the library catalogue on the computer screen and I reserved book after book, for the six year old, the ten year old, the twelve year old and for me.

I may not buy any more books about books (but that is not a promise) because now I have discovered blogs about books. I have probably not even scratched the surface in this area but I have seen enough to give me keep me supplied with suggestions for a long time. Semicolon not only reviews books and features author profiles but also hosts the Saturday Review of Books every week. Mental Multivitamin, Dominion Family, Simply Simon and The Common Room are others that I glean from. Inspired by Semicolon and always on the hunt for worthwhile books for my children to read I am going to continue borrowing books from the Newberry Medal and Honor Books list. There are over 300 on the list and I have read 42 of them so only 258 left!

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