Daily Archives: March 26, 2007


Now that the skis have been put away, the skipping ropes and goggles are out(but not at the same time). We have tidied up the basement floor so we can skip every day. B6 is the least experienced skipper but has increased his individual and large rope totals considerably in just a week. When the weather becomes a little drier we will probably skip outside, but for now the basement, with Toby Mac blaring, is just fine.

Friday afternoon skiing has been replaced by swimming. None of us had swum laps in quite a few months so it was good to be back in the pool. I managed to do 1050m in 25 minutes which I was pleased with after such a long break . L12 did a little more than that and A10 a little less so it was not a bad start.

In a few weeks the gloves and balls will be out  as Andrew and I have signed up to play softball again this summer with his work team.