Daily Archives: March 29, 2007

Continuing “Round the World”

As I had hoped B6 has a new enthusiasm for school since he became a world traveller. He has now visited Nunavut, Iceland, Scotland and is in the Netherlands as I write. Along side the Inuksuk on the window ledge is a Loch Ness monster. While he was in Scotland the girls and I were called in to participate in a Highland Games event, the Tug o’ War. Unfortunately B6 and I lost to the girls, twice! We tried to have a mini Caber Toss in the backyard but the wee caber tosser got dirt in his eyes and became quite distressed so the event was cancelled. A happier event by far was our lunch today, “Dutch Eggs and Cheese” which he prepared himself.

A pleasant part of our journeyย  is reading him the books I have gathered, both fiction and non-fiction. In Iceland we read the ridiculous tale The Backward Brothers see the Light which B6 found quite amusing. While in the Netherlands I read Boxes For Katje to him and we discussed the desperate need of the Dutch people after WWII. The book is based on the author’s mother’s experience and I thoroughly enjoyed both the story and illustrations. Another war story from Holland is The Greatest Skating Race which we began tonight.