Happy Birthday, Dad

As it is my father’s birthday I have been reminiscing about things we have done together over the years. Of course there are too many to record here so I will just list a few.


  • going with him when he did services at Aldersgate
  • swimming in the ocean before breakfast
  • catching waves on the surf mats
  • playing cards and doing jigsaws in the caravan
  • reading the newspaper at breakfast in silence
  • jogging on frosty Canberra mornings
  • watching McCloud and Columbo
  • going to “The Empire Strikes Back
  • stamp collecting
  • tennis
  • driving lessons!
  • watching Hill Street Blues
  • walking me down the aisle
  • conducting Andrew’s and my wedding
  • choosing a Christmas tree
  • swimming in their pool
  • decreeing “driving out of the driveway time”
  • whale watching
  • making chutney
  • discussing Alexander McCall Smith’s Expresso Tales over breakfast

img_1724crop.jpgYes, there are many more memories but those are just a few which have popped into my mind today. One of my happiest recent memories of Dad is seeing him with each of our children last year, talking, reading, playing and getting to know each one better. We all wish you a very Happy Birthday, Dad, and send lots of love from all of us.

By the way, the beautiful picture in my header was taken my Dad while holidaying recently in Tasmania.


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