Looking for ways to give

After Group of Four finished the unit on our sponsor children we wanted to think of some ways to give of our abundance to those who did not have as much as us. We tried to think of a project which would not require the children to ask others to sponsor them or buy from them. Although we are still looking for ways and opportunities for our families to give to others we did get involved in a couple things during the last two weeks. Last Thursday we visited a down town mission here in our city. We arrived late morning in time to serve the cookies we had made to those who were there. The children were able to serve and chat for a while to the lunch time gathering.

One of the volunteers then took us on a tour of the premises explaining to all of us exactly what goes on at the mission. He explained the hours of operation and what was offered when they were open. It is not a mission which provides accommodation but is open daily serving snacks, lunches or Thursday night dinner. They also provide computer access and assistance, classes, counseling, clothing, laundry coupons and visits. They keep a stock of non-perishable food and other necessities to give away where needed. Our guide was fabulous, keeping up an English accent for the children (in order to sound like a tour guide), covering the reasons why a mission is needed very sensitively and talking about the opportunities to serve Christ in serving others.

This unit and this field trip has got me thinking about what I can be doing for the “poor who are always with us”. I have been blessed with so much. Perhaps we will be able to go back to the mission down town and get involved there, I’m not sure, but I am praying about it. The family who lined up the visit for us have been involved there on an occasional basis, making and serving food, as well as playing music at the Thursday night dinners.

After we left there we wandered around at the tulip festival for a while snapping photos and enjoying the sunshine.

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