Daily Archives: June 8, 2007

Tornado warning

Andrew, B6 and I headed out tonight to play the second game of a softball tournament with a tornado warning current and the sky looking ominous. The girls were heading out at the same time with a friend for their first try at busking. We weren’t sure whether any of us were in for a winning night.

After an easy victory last night we were looking forward to the game against a team we have played many times in the past. The rain began just as the previous game ended and within minutes it was bucketing down. The wind was fierce and the lightning getting closer by the second.

At the same time the three girls were playing their first set on the patio of our friend’s uncle’s restaurant. The weather got wild there too so the patrons and musicians were moved inside. They continued on for an hour or so, made a bit of money and arrived home tired but happy.

We have yet to find out the time of our rescheduled game but it could be early tomorrow so I’d best go to bed.