Daily Archives: June 12, 2007

Stubborn in a good way

On Sunday we had the privilege of watching three friends of ours be baptised. The three children are very similar in age to our children and we have been close friends for five or six years. Each child testified to the power of God in their life and the desire they had to follow Him always. After each child had spoken their mom and dad spoke to them words of encouragement and read specially chosen bible verses. Each child listened as their mom explained why their names were chosen and their dad gave them a verse corresponding to the meaning of each of their names. Their parents also mentioned gifts and character traits they saw in their children and urged them to use them for God’s glory. The youngest, a lively, happy seven year old was described by her mom as tenacious – stubborn in a good way.

We then enjoyed the fellowship of their family and friends over lunch and were able to listen to their grandparents give them words of blessing, verses and carefully selected gifts before their grandfather, then father prayed for them. I know this is someone else’s story but it was wonderful to share in it. These are like minded friends who share many of our beliefs and goals and are a joy and encouragement to us.