Daily Archives: July 12, 2007

Queen of bits and pieces

Tomorrow our ten year old turns eleven. When I first started calling her the Queen of Bits and Pieces she wasn’t very impressed. But it is so apt. Bits and pieces surround her when she is in her room, at her school desk, pottering and arranging things in the doll house. Creating things out of bits and pieces is one of her favourite pastimes. She is a talented queen, that is for certain.

In her doll house, the Villa Caprice, you will find all sorts of miniature food, peg dolls dressed in silks and satins, furniture, portraits and knick knacks all created with bits and pieces. Her desk holds drawings, sketches and paintings as she likes creating arty bits and pieces. She is generous with her bits and pieces, giving away little creations to others. Her knack for seeing something in what others would call scraps or even “garbage” often amazes me.

Her interests are many and varied. She can be found doing a bit of birdwatching or a piece of needlework, reading a bit of Tintin or writing a piece of poetry. She often spends a bit of time bike riding or much time practising a piece of music. I love watching her dream dreams and hatch plans.

Have a very Happy Birthday, Miss A.