Moving in at the Villa Caprice

There is a new house on our block, in our living room to be precise. A10 is the proud owner. As we are listening to Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright at present the new house has been named the Villa Caprice. The house is not totally furnished yet, but the kitchen is looking cosy.
And there is a comfortable chair by the window if you would like to sit for a while


3 thoughts on “Moving in at the Villa Caprice

  1. jen

    Joe and I have decided to reconsider our house purchasing.
    We have decided to move on to your block afterall.

    Please send our contact info to the real estate agent for villa caprice. Tell the agent that we only want the house to be decorated and designed only by the famous A10. Also ask her if she could sell this hunk of junk we now call home!

    Sincere Regards,
    Jen and Joe

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