Birthday report#3

I know the birthday report is running a little late but we having been busy living our life here, and not taking time to write about it! The following is an interview with the birthday girl, A11.

H: How did your birthday begin?

A11: I started the day by looking at the rearranging my sister L12 had done in the doll house. I found some streamers, and in the dining room my dolls had presents and cake.

H: What did you have for breakfast?

A11: Waffles, cream and fruit.

H: Did you open any presents?

A11: Oui.

H: And…

A11: My sister gave me some body wash, which I thought was food, some flip flops and a tshirt.

H: I see you are wearing the tshirt now, it looks very nice.

A11: Thankyou.

H: Would you like to tell us about any other presents?

A11: Next were some bubbles, then a pair of binoculars (eagerly hoped for), a bedroom setting for the dollhouse, a personalised drink bottle and bracelet and a spotty wallet.

H: Did you stay home and enjoy using your new gifts?

A11: No, I went to camp, where it was raining.

H: Did that spoil your day?

A11: Not at all, it stopped raining soon after I arrived. While at camp I went swimming, played Mafia, and other activities. Just before I lunch the girls in my group sung Happy Birthday and then I was invited to the little boys group and they sung Happy Birthday

H: What did you do after camp?

A11: I came home and used my binoculars to watch the birds in the backyard. I installed the new furniture in the doll house and moved my money into the new wallet.

H: Did you choose the birthday dinner?

A11: Yes, we had bbq chicken, potatoes and salad with ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

H: Then I guess you hopped off to bed because you were so worn out.

A11: No, actually, I didn’t. I chatted on the phone to people who had called to wish me Happy Birthday, I played the Stuart Little computer game with B6 and then watched an episode of the Cosby show to end the night.

So there you have it, a simple but enjoyable birthday for the Queen of Bits and Pieces

1 thought on “Birthday report#3

  1. ND

    I am delighted to read about the binoculars. I recall how frequently mine were borrowed last year when we travelled together, looking for whales, watching birds, and in so many other situations. I am sure they will be well and much used. Keep looking, A11.



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