The Cottage Chronicles (part 1)

I woke up this morning to the sound of cars on the busy road behind our house, not the voice of a little three year old wanting to go downstairs and definitely not the sound of boats or water splashing against the dock. We arrived home last night after ten fabulous days; the weather was beautiful (only one rainy day), the company was excellent as was the food, the setting restful and the activities loads of fun.

So, at the risk of boring you with details, I will spend a few days posting some photos and stories. I’m sure it will help with my lake withdrawal too.


This is the view from the dock and yes, it did look like this 90% of the time we were there. Below is the view looking back from the water to the cottage.img_3133crop.jpg The cottage is over 100 years old and my friend N has been coming here for summer holidays ever since she was a child. She is definitely what is known as a “laker” as are her children P and H. Her husband is a “married in” and we, her friends are “non lakers”. Believe me there is a definite hierachy at the lake!

What makes this lake rather special as far as I can tell and as the “lakers” confirm is the full program provided for club members. The club, which is celebrating its centenary this year, is not attended by all those with cottages on the lake, but many have been members for years as their parents and grandparents were. Swimming lessons, regattas, bi-lake and tri-lake swim meets all occur in the lanes between the docks down below the club. Tot’s craft and story time, movie night, craft night, games night, teen and pre-teen night also happen in the club. For the adults there are bands who visit, a ladies luncheon, dances and social events. One of the highlights of the club for the kids is the canteen which operates during any of the scheduled events.


Most of our days started with one or other of the girls hurrying their mother along in order to be at swimming lessons on time. It wasn’t so much that they wanted to be there, when they had friends visiting, it was more that they didn’t want to be given 30 extra laps by their swim coach. After lessons were over they returned home and settled into one of the many activities available to us all. Games of chess, swimming, canoeing and paddleboating, Narnia recitations, blueberry picking and braiding of each others’ hair are just some of the things that went on.

More tomorrow.

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