Daily Archives: August 1, 2007

She shall have music where ever she goes

Tomorrow our eldest child turns thirteen. She is a delight to be with and a dear friend to each one of us. Recently B6 asked L12 and I, “How come you two are such buds?” I am sure there are many reasons, but I am just overwhelmingly glad that we are. We talk, we laugh, we dream, we scheme, we shop( during which time we don’t always agree, but we do both have good taste!) we read, then discuss and revisit our favourite parts, sometimes we cry, we pray, we create, we enjoy each others’ company.

A couple of weekends ago L12 went camping with friends for the weekend. I missed having her around but the thing which struck me most was that there wasn’t her singing floating through the house. When she returned her little sniffle had turned into a full blown head cold and there was no singing for several more days. It just wasn’t the same. Her friends have been known to look at her in amazement and say,” Don’t you ever stop singing?” I hope she doesn’t.

Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise. Ps 84:4

Happy Birthday, dear Miss L.

The Cottage Chronicles (part 2)

As you probably gathered swimming is a major focus while at the cottage. Even though our hosts had their swimming lessons they were happy to swim for hours with us too. Early in the week the Bi-Lake Swim Meet was on and competitors from a neighbouring lake turned up to swim against “our” kids. B6 was too young to compete but all the girls were involved.

During the week we swam for fun, the children made up all kinds of challenges and competitions and were in and out of the water all day. N and I challenged ourselves to swim across the bay each day. We were not sure of the distance but we wanted a swim similar to the laps we do at the pool. Over the weekend, while the dads were still there, Andrew spotted for us and after that a couple of the children agreed to paddle along beside us while we swam. After a few days we increased our distance a bit and found that we were still handling it fairly easily. It was so nice to swim without having to turn around every 25 metres. If we timed it well and swam mid afternoon the top 15cm of the water was warm and it was just when we pushed our arms down and round that we felt the cold water underneath.

On Saturday the club held its own swimming regatta. This was the one everyone had been looking forward to. Although the day dawned cloudy and grey the races began and our girls and boy competed in plenty. The first and second place swimmers in each race qualified for the Tri-Lake Meet to come the following week. I’m not sure how many ribbons our crew won between them but we were very impressed with each of them. Half way through the schedule the rain started coming down but the races continued.


I had done both of mine by then, the front crawl and back stroke for over 35s, so I just stood in the rain and cheered for the girls. The final event was the long distance swim, which all four girls did before the lightning struck and the event was finally called off. Our very wet crew piled into the boat and headed for the cottage where we lit the fire and dried out.