Daily Archives: August 16, 2007

Country friends

We are heading out to visit country friends today, actually that’s what we did yesterday and, wait, that’s what the girls are doing tomorrow too. All these friends lived in town not that long ago, but they have done what so many of our friends have done: sold up and moved to the country. Some have just moved to a satellite town on the outskirts, where there is way more space and a lot less noise and traffic. Others have bought farms and lease their fields to local farmers while making the most of their abundant space and abundant supply of manure!

That’s right, manure, the reason I mention it is that last time we headed out to this farm I was sitting on the porch chatting with three country girls about vegetable gardens and the conversation took on great intensity as they discussed the various merits of cow, horse and chicken manure. I just stopped and laughed as I realised how passionate they were about the topic.

When we visit one of our “country” friends I like the way you can look out in some, or occasionally all directions and not see another house. I appreciate the lack of traffic noise which means you can often hear the busy traffic of birds and insects instead. I am not complaining about my own house, I hear plenty of birds and insects here too, in spite of the traffic sounds in the background. We have the privilege of living only 20 minutes from down town but 1 minute from the river. Our place backs on to a main road but also onto a large stretch of green space. At times I think I’d like to live in the country, but it’s unlikely to happen so I’ll just get a little dose and be back tonight.